Jobs at NaskorSports BV
Jobs at NaskorSports BV
Jobs at NaskorSports BV

What we offer

We very much value our employees, offering them a good working atmosphere with fast decision-making paths and a large degree of creative freedom. We provide both young professionals and experienced staff development opportunities with high levels of responsibility. To facilitate our employees’ procedures, our workspaces are very modern, equipping our employees with all tools they need.

Our location in Tegelen offers good connections to Krefeld, Duisburg, and Düsseldorf but also to Roermond, Eindhoven, and Venlo. We place great value on a tolerant social intercourse and open communication between our employees with everybody being on first-name basis, right up to the management. Maintaining and complying with our company values has created a team spirit and high degree of identification with our company that make us proud.

Who we are

Which career opportunities can NaskorSports BV offer you? What qualifications are particularly important when applying for a job with us? And, who would you be working with? To give you an authentic response to these questions, we have asked our employees to tell us about their job – we hope you enjoy reading it!

Dennis Heidlberger Marketing - since 2014

I saw an online job advertisement for the vacant position in Marketing at NaskorSports BV. When I read this job ad, I instantly knew that I would not be just a little cog in the big wheel within a huge company but an employee that would be given the chance to try something new, realize new ideas, and make an active contribution, while taking chances from time to time within a safe working environment. You are seldom granted this opportunity, which is why the ad sounded particularly appealing to me. It goes without saying that I was also a little concerned if I could take this great responsibility. However, now I love bearing responsibility and seeing how my own ideas have been changing and taking forward our company. To start a successful career at NaskorSports BV, you need two things: for one thing, a high level of flexibility as you will be challenged to achieve great things you never thought possible; and for another thing, a great strength of character.

NaskorSports BV enjoys many sunny days, but sometimes it’s raining, and there’s a storm blowing. That’s when strength is required and you need to pull yourself together and fight on. However, if you get enthusiastic about NaskorSports BV, its brands and products, you won’t mind because you love what you do. In my opinion, you can only be successful in your career at NaskorSports BV if you are willing to take chances. There are hardly any departmental boundaries so you are able to go much further than you are expected to.
My life motto is: “I regret nothing in life except what I have not done.“ (Coco Chanel)

Philip Zeller Sales – since 2012

On 1 January 2012, I started my position as Marketing and Sales Manager at NaskorSports BV. Although both business areas offered plenty of interesting tasks, my enthusiasm for our sales activities kept on growing so that I ultimately specialized in the sales area. Now I am Sales Manager with sole responsibility for Germany and Austria. I primarily provide support for long-standing customers, but I am also a competent contact person for potential customers. When looking for a job, I did not specifically search for NaskorSports BV as a prospective employer, but a young, international company in general, which offers its employees good opportunities for advancement.

NaskorSports BV fulfilled all three requirements, and I soon realized that it was the right employer for me. In 2012, NaskorSports BV was still in its infancy, growing into the booming sports nutrition industry. It was clear to me that I wanted to be part of this expansion. My employer and I first made contact over three years ago via a private sports club, and I am happy to say that our working relationship has evolved into a genuine friendship over the years.

Brenda Cuijpers Purchasing – since 2014

My name is Brenda Cuijpers, and I started my job as Purchasing Assistant at NaskorSports BV on 1 September 2014. My key responsibility is to support our Category Manager wherever necessary. This may include tasks such as controlling orders, creating checklists, or preparing orders in Excel sheets, and transferring the data to our own system.

In my former job, my employment contract was limited to a period of six months. When I started looking for a new job, I learned about Personato, a Dutch recruitment agency specialized in the placement of suitable candidates. They established my first contact with NaskorSports BV.

My aim was to find a job at a fresh, young company, where I can learn a lot and further develop personally thanks to my daily challenges. At NaskorSports BV, I’ve found exactly what I was looking for. I love my job. The company continues from day to day. Every day brings something new, and I constantly make new contacts. My wish is to personally develop further as fast as my company.

My goal: Keeping my job at NaskorSports BV for a long time, with good health and lots of fun.

Jeanny Pelzer Accounting – since 2009

I have been working with NaskorSports since 2009. At the beginning of my career at NaskorSports, my position in the accounting department included every aspect of finances, such as booking invoices, making payments, banking matters, reminder processes, et cetera.

Now that the company has substantially grown, I’ve taken over the following range of responsibilities: payments made by our customers, monitoring of trade debtors, booking of payments, online accounting measures via Twinfield.

Our company keeps on growing, and there is always something going on. You definitely need the ability to think for yourself and to plan ahead. And if you like being challenged, this is the perfect workplace for you. All in all, I can proudly say that I really love my job.

It is my goal to continue doing my job with the right mixture of fun and challenging activity in the future.

Wouter Janssen Operations - since 2012

Since 2012, my responsibility at NaskorSports has been to ensure that all corporate processes run smoothly. A large proportion of my work concentrates on our logistics. A good logistics system depends on quality, efficiency, and punctuality – as with over 100 brands and 4,000 products stored in a 6,000 sqm warehouse, we everyday anew face the challenge of processing every order with the desired quality. To maintain these quality standards, at the beginning of 2014, I took over the management of Customer Services that deals with queries and concerns of our customers from all over Europe. With increasing growth of our company, the requirements relevant to ongoing processes have increased accordingly, resulting in the fact that we needed to develop an internal WMS (warehouse management system) together with our IT department.

I had known NaskorSports before I started to work there. NaskorSports was one of my former employer’s customers whom I worked with for a long time. When the time was right for a new challenge, my employer asked me if I was interested in making a contribution to NaskorSport’s growth. I didn’t have to think long about my decision: a young company with heaps of potential and free structures, and a clear vision for the years to come. I definitely wanted to become a part of this and meet the challenges, which is why I am still grateful to have taken this step.

Who we are looking for

We may have a winning game plan but it’s the “team” that determines the degree to which NaskorSports wins the game.

Based on this credo, we are not only looking for motivated applicants but also for creative innovators, courageous supporters and loyal companions. If you feel like you could be the right person for us, we look forward to receiving your application. As we thoroughly examine every application in order to make sure that a candidate perfectly fits in with the team, we kindly ask for your patience even if a final decision might take longer than expected. To consider your application in the best possible way during our comprehensive selection procedure, please use the link embedded in the respective job offer to submit your complete application documents.

If you are interested in joining a winning “team” and being a part of creating our future, apply now!