For six years, ESN provides unique "Elite Sports Nutrient" for bodybuilders, competitive athletes and fitness ambitious individuals. ESN is unique because it is the first and only brand in Europe that has been created based on suggestions of users and followers at two online communities. There was obviously a significant demand for high-quality and at the same time affordable sports nutrition. In addition, the people mentioned in the communities, also want to have the chance to communicate directly with the manufacturer.

Based on that, the key words high quality, affordable and interactive, were essential parts of the brand ESN, which was founded in 2008.

ESN products are produced exclusively in Germany and manufactured under the strict guidelines of the German and European food law. The used ingredients are exquisite and the production processes are all involved in working quality systems. All ESN ingredients are approved as food and run through a comprehensive quality management system. This is orientated on the quality requirements of customers. The quality is continuousIy monitored by a certified food chemist and a certified food institution.